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Investigation cooperation with CVC


Long-term product and technology research of Japanese CVC


Israel, Japan


1 Year~


Corporate Venture Capitals, Venture Capitals



Sharing the latest status

It goes without saying that Israel is an active region for startup investment. Many venture capital firms have established sales offices in Israel, and each uses their networks to obtain information on new businesses.

In order for Japanese companies to maintain a presence comparable to that of many venture capital firms, they place importance not only on investment conditions, but also on partnership aspects, such as what kind of support system they can build as investors.

In Israel, it is common practice to search for investors with an emphasis on simple investment contracts and quick decisions by investment committees, but capital policies are diversifying and the design of contract details and options are becoming more complex day by day. .

We have a system in place to interview venture alumni so that Japanese funds can provide entrepreneurs with valuable proposals in non-financial areas compared to other funds.

Listing → Contact type business

When a client presents conditions such as the target business and size of the fund to be formed, we obtain and analyze statistical information from Israeli company databases and related government agencies, and propose an effective listing method based on the situation in Israel. Masu.

On the other hand, as a contact-first method, PANRAEL operates incubation, organizes meet-ups, exhibits at exhibitions, etc. on behalf of the client.

Communication support

In many cases, entrepreneurs or existing shareholders and officers of start-up companies speak English, but we are able to build closer relationships with them.

Advice to investment committee and preparation for consensus building

We believe that the shorter the period of agreement building between funds and entrepreneurs, the better, and we place great importance on this in order to maintain the dominance of Japanese companies in Israel.

We provide advice to the investment committee about possible changes in conditions, memorandums, missing points of view, etc. within a certain range of expectations, and prepare a comfortable range. We advise Israeli companies as well.

In addition, information that spans multiple companies is properly protected by the firewall within PANRAEL to prevent leaks and breaches.

Translation, interpretation, visitation support

All linguistic issues required to carry out the investment are easily resolved. We are recognized in both countries as leading experts in business interpretation between Japanese and Hebrew or English.

monitoring agent

The recent terrorist attacks have not limited the impact on entrepreneurs. In addition to direct effects such as conscription and reserves, it is also necessary to consider securing workers and the psychological impact on managers.

Two things to keep in mind in particular are that many people want to stay in Israel, and that business is a lower priority than anything else.

A relationship of trust will be fostered by Japanese shareholders providing effective support based on PANRAEL's monitoring information.

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