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We are one of the few firms specializing in Israel, and we will continue to do business for as long as possible as a rare player that deepens the cooperative and trusting relationship between Israel and Japan, which is the source of innovation.


In order for us, Israeli companies, and Japanese companies to continue to engage in sustainable initiatives, we have established several indicators, and we disclose and guarantee changes to our clients and stakeholders.

We would like you to use this metric to help drive your mandate or competition with companies that compete with us.

In addition, we will set out our goals for future players and aim to expand the market that will contribute to strengthening bilateral relations.


Eliminate individuality and ensure diversity

  • Assign members to learning, research, and projects in non-specialized areas

  • Obtaining degrees and training for members in new fields

  • Addition of members with new specialized fields



  • Reach new profiles through seminars, etc.

  • Number of communications and contacts within a certain period of time

  • Number of clients within a certain period



  • Bias in profits by client

  • ​Trends in sales CF

  • ​Balance sheet


Environmental protection

  • Percentage of environment-related projects among all projects

  • Percentage and trends of environment-related contacts among all contacts



  • Reduction in trading volume when the relevant event occurs, and trends in recovery

  • ​Sample survey of communities affected by the event

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