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We are the leading provider of support for Japanese companies in Israel.


We bring sustainable growth to both Israel and Japan

The next generation of Japan's growth will go hand in hand with Israel's growth. Panrael provides a wide range of services by capturing the essential elements for Japanese companies large and small to achieve true innovation .


Industries and fields to focus on

Israel tends to attract attention for its development of innovative engineering fields such as IT and the results of basic research in science and engineering, but there are many more seeds of growth than just these.

Due to the current unstable situation, Israeli companies are facing a stagnation in investment activities and are seeking a variety of collaborations with foreign companies, not just financial and sales channels.


Medicine, Pharmacy and Health

Israel's higher education and research institutions, such as the Hebrew University, the Israel Institute of Technology, and the Weizmann Institute of Science, consistently occupy the top positions in world rankings. As a result of promoting medical-engineering collaboration from a relatively early stage, a variety of medical devices and health-related products have now been licensed and commercialized.

Panrael has a track record of supporting the sales activities of Japanese pharmaceutical companies in Israel.


transportation, urban planning

In Japan's world-famous automobile industry, Israeli technology is indispensable.A notable example is Mobileye, a giant self-driving technology startup, which has been operating in Japan for over 10 years. We are deepening our collaboration with multiple Japanese companies.

All pioneering Japanese companies must pay close attention to trends in Israel, a leading technological powerhouse, and take steps to maintain relationships with Israel in the right way.


IT, Cybersecurity

Needless to say, in Israel, which is also a military power due to geographical factors, a high level of IT education has been practiced from an early age.Not only software service companies such as Google and Microsoft, but also famous IT companies of various layers, Israelis Holds the important positions of Tech lead and Chief Engineer.

​Panrael has a deep understanding of the nature of the human resource skill sets required by IT companies, and can provide services such as forming bilateral working teams and recruiting and labor support.


情報収集, 企画, 組織の組成, 実行, 流通までを一貫します.

リスクとどのように向き合うかを熟慮し, 私達は "MABRIK"  と称する役務パッケージを開発しました.

An example of joint planning



We conduct multiple orientation sessions to understand the business characteristics of client companies and departments, and explore the effects of expanding into Israel.

​Finally, a long list will be completed for Panrael's members in Israel to contact important positions at local companies.


field evaluation

While the longlist is being executed, we are also gathering information on the client company's competitors and the capital market at the same time.

It will take at least 2-3 months to complete the shortlist.


Action plan and approval

多くのイスラエル人実業家は迅速な契約締結や Exit を強く望みます. 交渉期間中に日本側の法務レビューによって大きな遅滞を招くと, 不安定な状況下にあるイスラエル企業との連携では目標を達成しないリスクが高いと考えています.



If the execution of a contract requires the establishment and management of an Israeli corporation, including a subsidiary, we will support the formulation of a scheme and provide advice on legal matters, intellectual property, labor, technology transfer, procurement, etc.

Also, the integration policy and period will be determined.



PANRAEL が常日頃収集しているモニタリングデータを匿名化して活用し, 日本企業とイスラエル企業の連携効果を最大限に発揮する為, 駐在, 現地採用, レポートラインの改変等によるコミュニケーションの充実を図ります.

Case Study


Capital participation in an Israeli company's Japanese subsidiary (distribution subsidiary, sole agent)


Long-term product and technology research of Japanese CVC




Japan as a manufacturing base, attraction to APAC, technology transfer

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